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Sunday, October 30, 2011

"The Value of Support Groups for Caregivers and Patients"

From Fronto-Temporal Dementia Support Group :

"For me, the most valuable thing I learned is :

0. Find happiness and purpose in life again.
a. Everyone has a right to happiness and purpose in life. 

1. Make subtle changes and adjustments in your routine to adjust to life with Dementia.
a. You need to learn to keep adapting to the changes made by dementia.

2. Learning to live with Dementia in a positive way.
a. You need to keep a positive attitude and work around all obstacles.

3. A sense of belonging.
a. You are a part of something and feel comfortable with the people and atmosphere.

4. Expressing our experiences to peers in an effort to minimize our problems.
a. Having others that can relate to your life and you to theres.

5. You learn you are not alone.
a. You might be lonely, but your not alone.

6. Learn you can function with your crazy ways.
a. No one is perfect. Live life and enjoy. Get over things fast and move on.

7. Life is not over, we can rebuild our lives.
a. You can have a full and wonderful life. Just different than before.

8. Awareness of Dementia.
a. Be aware and accept the a changes in your life. You can't be happy if you keep fighting for the life you had before Dementia. You need to be aware of yourself and your life to move forward.

9. Get a 2nd opinion, don't necessarily trust every doctor you see because they are a doctor. 
Listen to medical opinion, but don't disregard your instincts and don't think twice of seeing someone else when it comes to matters of health and wellness.

10. A friendly, supportive, understanding environment.
a. You can breathe and relax. Better and cheaper than a psychiatrist office.

11. We are like brother/sister.
a. You can develop new close relationships with others that understand you and you them.

12. Learn how to live, not how to die.
a. Get busy living, never give up.

13. Dementia is a not a mental illness. 
Medications for mental illnesses do not necessarily work with Dementia.

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