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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Welcome to Silver Innings Website, Mumbai Maharashtra, India.

This website is dedicated to our elders; it’s our way of honouring them for all they have done for their families, society and country.

We at Silver Innings are committed to ensure that ageing becomes a positive, rewarding experience for all. Ageing gracefully is the way of life we promote.We wish to help elders and their family members to overcome the challenges of ageing and show them the way to live with dignity in their sliver years.

Silver Innings is a new beginning for our Elders. It is a new path, the journey of successful ageing.

It is an initiative by four youngsters far removed in distance but united in the cause of Elders. Who’s afraid of Ageing is what this team believes in. It’s a team effort under the leadership of founder Sailesh Mishra.

Sailesh’s passion to work for Elders made him give up paid jobs for good, and his long experience in the social sector inspired him to start on his own and set up Silver Innings, a one stop destination for information for the Elderly and their family members.

Based on his own perception and experience and also from feedback received from many seniors, Sailesh felt that information on Elders in the public domain is inaccurate, dated or incomplete. There are many website for seniors, but most of them are being run by organisations and provide info on service provided by themselves. But there is no website that gives objective and comprehensive information on the issues and problems of Elders. This brought forth the need of a dedicated website, like a super market where you get everything under a single roof.

Sailesh took the lead and discussed this with his team and the seed of Silver Innings was sown. The team, with the help of some Elders, started working for the website.

The team also wanted to disseminate through this website the concept of productive ageing, the new mantra for aging gracefully.

It has been our endeavour to collect information for this website and make it comprehensive and interactive. However, since this is an ongoing process, we will keep on adding and updating.

This website can only be successful through active participation of Elders and their family members. We sincerely hope our efforts will help our Elders to live a happy, peaceful and dignified life.

This is a new chapter in ageing world and we intend to start an NGO dedicated for the cause of Elderly.

Our grateful thanks to the following individuals and institutions for their invaluable contribution towards our effort:
Dr Padmanabha Vyasamoorthy
Shirin Juwaley
Shubha Khandekar
Shobha Mathur
Bhavesh Chheda – Website Designer and Developer
Society for Serving Seniors, Secunderabad, India
The Family Welfare Agency, Mumbai
ARDSI (Alzheimer's & Related Disorders Society of India)
Help Age India

Indian Gerontological Association 2, Jaipur Rajasthan, India


The challenge of caring for a growing number of elderly is yet to be faced squarely. As people grow older, especially in developing countries like India, they encounter several problems. Some are physical and obviously age related. Some are due to the social structure, break up of joint family system, poverty, loss of employment, widowhood.

Some emotional problems like loss of self - esteem, lowered life satisfaction, dependence and depression, feeling of being ignored by family members . All sorts of abuses such as: mal- treatment and physically, vocally and mental torture etc.

Some problems are cognitive problems onset of dementia and mental deterioration. Medicines or medical profession alone cannot provide solutions to all these problems. Nor do we have adequate professionals-physical or mental health professionals who can attend to the needs of elderly, especially of those requiring institutionalization or long term care within family or those who have disabilities.

Even those elderly who are not ‘sick’ or disabled do need help and guidance to live their life with dignity, with autonomy and in a disease free style. Hence it is necessary to build up a net work of support system or care system so that family and community together can create an age-friendly atmosphere so that senior citizens can live and die with dignity.

Keeping in view the association thought to provide counselling to such needy senior citizens or their family members on line.

We have a group of experts who are ready to provide help to such people the service they need free of cost on humanitarian grounds.

You may consult us for your following problems :

1. Information about changes ( both physical and mental in old age )

2. Financial management

3. Diseases which are common in old age

4. Spiritual Healing

5. Bereavement counseling

6. Leisure time activities

7. Meditation and Physical exercise to keep your body fit and alert

8. Dementia

9. Family and other social problems

10. Care of elderly

Indian Gerontological Association, Jaipur Rajasthan, India



Indian Gerontological Association is a non-profit organisation devoted to the well being of senior citizens and research on ageing since last 32 years. The Association came into existence in 1967 and was registered in 1968-69 (Reg.No. 212) under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act. It is also affiliated to International Association of Gerontology.

The need of such an association was anticipated years back and we know how the world over including India, the population of elderly is showing an upward trend. Since this ever-increasing group of population has its own problems in different walks of life it becomes imperative for any balanced and stable society to be concerned about them. And much more importantly any progressive society would like to be enriched by the experience and expertise which only age and time can give.

The basic aim of the association therefore, is to plan and execute comprehensive strategies, in order to make elderly live a meaningful life. Although the association has activities for elderly in any section of population, the direction of the efforts is mainly for the unorganised sector of society. With a view to render services for health care, recreational activity, meaningful occupation and attitudinal revision the Association is engaged in:

1. Publication of a research journal- Indian Journal of Gerontology. Till date we have published 16 volumes.

2. We run a counselling centre (RAHAT-Relief) for senior citizens.

3. Organize lectures and seminars to educate elderly people about the diseases, which are common in old age.

4. We also organise courses on the Preparation for Retirement. The course contains eight modules which includes: 1.Basic information about old age, 2.ageing, health and physical disabilities, 3.Psychological aspect of ageing, 4. Economical aspect of ageing and financial management, 5.Sociological aspect of ageing, 6.Self care practices, 7.Education and awareness building, 8.Issues in care giving.

5. Organize camps for health check up of the elderly and also organize free eye operation camps. 6. We are running a Day Care Centre (UMANG) for elderly people of unorganised sector (economically backward class).

We also give consultancy to those organisations that are working in this field.

7. We are engaged in research work related to ageing and the aged.

8. We have started a health programme for rural elderly. Once in a week homeopathic medicines are given door to door to the senior citizens.