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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Alzheimer's Disease in India : Give your support through DONATION!

Dear friends and members, you can now directly support "Alzheimer's Disease in India" action by making a DONATION  via PayPal through the Donate button on this Blog. 

Following actions to be developed according to the amount of donations:

1) Keep raising awareness on the Web on AD in India by maintaining/nurturing the Alzheimer's Disease in India discussion and information Network: Blog, groups and pages entitled “Alzheimer’s Disease in India” on Facebook, LinkedIn and; 

2) Undergo  a geronto-psychology PhD on AD patients in India;

3) Network with NGOs, family caregivers and professional carers in India and abroad, to gather together as a Community in order to build support groups and contribute with the local bodies/authorities in the building of a valid dementia carepath and services in India;

4) Support NGOs in India in regard of the visibility of their awareness actions in the field of geriatric and gerontology;

5) Fund my material: reports, books, documentation...

Thank you very much,

Ms Hendi Lingiah,
Clinical Psychology,

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