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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MSc in Dementia Studies (On line) from Stirling University: 10 Scholarship for Indian Students.

MSc in Dementia Studies (On line) from Stirling University. 10 Scholarship for Indian Students. Scholarships are awarded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission and cover all fees and an annual grant for travel and books

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

VIDEO: What’s the difference between Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia?

If you have been confused by these terms in the past, or mistakenly thought that they were the same thing, you might want to watch this film. (english version)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Need for well-designed dementia awareness campaigns by Swapna Kishore.

From Swapna Kishore on Swapna Writes Blog: 

..."Dementia awareness is pathetic in India, a situation confounded further by misinformation and stigma related to the symptoms and to words like dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. This results in multiple problems for affected persons, and my contention is that spreading dementia awareness is the key to improving the situation, and the fastest way to change things in the Indian society. 

For the purpose of this discussion, I look at the following broad areas:

Benefits of increased awareness
Awareness campaigns are an effective use of limited resources
Sustained, well-designed campaigns should be used to make a lasting difference"...


Understanding Dementia MOOC.

"Launch of the Understanding Dementia MOOC this Monday 31st March. There is still time to register."...


CARE3: "Changes in the home environment to help our seniors." Chennai.

Chennai: "Changes in the home environment to help our seniors." This is an excellent list to make one's home more senior friendly and help those we are caring for stay as comfortable, safe, and active as possible. Please take time to read and share this comprehensive list - and if you have anything to add please share your thoughts in the comments!

Sharing experience: "Changes in the home environment to help our seniors"

Our intent of changes at home is to help the elderly:
• do their daily activities on their own
• relax and feel safe

Some of their challenges:
• difficulty in movement
• limited vision and hearing
• they have craving for food at different times and need food to be soft"....


Living with dementia magazine, Alzheimer's Society.

"He says: ...'There are six men in the group and we meet on a regular basis. We are able to relate to each other better than we could to other people.

'If there's anything bothering us we are able to talk openly about it. It's an absolute godsend to us all.'
John McErlane at homeAs well as spending time together the group have been involved in projects to help raise awareness of dementia. They worked together to produce a DVD titled Living with dementia – My story, in which they share their personal experiences of dementia and the support they have received since joining the group.
My world

Group members were also involved in a photography project, working with a professional photographer to take pictures that illustrate what it's like for them to live with dementia."...