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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dementia in my community - Alzheimer's Society, UK

Dementia in my community - Alzheimer's Society :

Several people, several communities, Alzheimer knows no boundaries indeed !

All of them say how much it is important to raise awareness on Dementia to know more and to cope in better ways as well as being supported.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

101 ideas of Activities to be implemented with persons suffering from AD and Related Disorders.

The implementation of a methodology of action is necessary to be sure the activities are fitting the personality, needs, abilities and wishes of the person suffering from Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders. Thus, to be sure to provide stimulation and well-being together. 

1 Listen to music

2 Toss a ball

3 Color pictures

4 Make homemade lemonade

5 Count trading cards

6 Clip coupons

7 Sort poker chips

8 Read out loud chapters from Harry Potter books or other favorite stories

9 Rake leaves

10 String beads

11 Bake cookies

12 Take photos of the person and you and create a collage

13 Brush or comb one another’s hair

14 Participate in the Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer's.

15 Plant seeds indoors or outdoors

16 Look at family photographs

17 Wipe off the kitchen table

18 Weed the flowerbed or tend to the garden

19 Fold laundry

20 Have a friend visit with a well-behaved pet

21 Cut pictures out of greeting cards or magazines

22 Play dominoes

23 Ask the person about his or her favorite childhood books or cartoon characters (you can share yours too)

24 Bake homemade bread

25 Sort objects by shape or color

26 Sing old songs

27 Invite the person to tell you more when he or she talks about a memory

28 Put silverware away

29 Make a Valentine card

30 Play favorite songs and sing

31 Ask the person about his or her brothers or sisters

32 Make a cherry pie

33 Play with tops or jacks

34 Make a scrapbook

35 Take a walk around the yard

36 Write a poem together

37 Reminisce about the first day of school

38 String Cheerios® to hang outside for birds

39 Make a fresh fruit salad

40 Sweep the patio

41 Color paper shamrocks green

42 Fold towels

43 Have an afternoon tea party

44 Talk about great inventions

45 Look through the pages of a clothes catalog

46 Look at a map of the United States and identify states and capitals

47 Make a family tree poster

48 Color a picture of our flag

49 Eat a picnic lunch outside

50 Water house plants

51 Play horseshoes

52 Dance

53 Watch Sesame Street together

54 Make homemade ice cream

55 Make holiday cards

56 Reminisce about favorite sports activities the person enjoyed while growing up

57 Write a letter to a friend or family member

58 Dress in your favorite football or soccer team's color

59 Pop popcorn

60 Name the presidents

61 Give a manicure

62 Make paper butterflies

63 Plant a tree

64 Finish famous sayings

65 Feed the ducks

66 Model with play dough

67 Look at pictures in a comic book

68 Put a puzzle together

69 Sand wood

70 Rub in hand lotion

71 Arrange fresh flowers

72 Remember famous people

73 Recite nursery rhymes

74 Make peanut butter sandwiches

75 Cut up used paper for scratch paper

76 Blow bubbles

77 Take care of a fish tank

78 Bake cupcakes and decorate them

79 Interview the person about his or her life using either a video camera or cassette recorder

80 Play Hangman

81 Finger paint

82 Cut out pictures from magazines

83 Put coins in a jar

84 Put bird seed out for the birds

85 Decorate a pumpkin

86 Reminisce about a favorite summer

87 Roll yarn into a ball

88 Trace and cut out autumn leaves

89 Cook a favorite family recipe together

90 Gather a yellow sponge, crayons, paper and tape and make a SpongeBob SquarePants

91 Wash silverware

92 Give him or her a hug

93 Ask the person to show you how to knit or sew (or another favorite hobby)

94 Make a picture frame our of popsicle sticks and glitter

95 Play a musical instrument

96 Keep a journal together

97 Ask the person to talk about his or her favorite sports hero

98 Sort playing cards

99 Ask the person about his or her favorite pet

100 Wash windows together

101 Ask the person about his or her first car