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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poem of Norm Mac Namara (Uk), patient affected with Early Onset of Alzheimer's Disease and sharing his feelings. (english version) (2)

On courtesy of Norm Mac Namara, 

This is how my first book "Me And My Alzheimers" opens, I just thought i would remind everybody that I am as determined to beat this thing now, as I was 4 years ago when I was first diagnosed xx


A thousand times this has been asked…
Especially taking my Doctor to task,
What have I done that’s so very wrong,
To be punished like this for so long,
Most other illness’s come and go,
This one stays as we all know,
It lives within to the bitter end,
Always an enemy, never a friend,
It has no voice, the demon that grows,
Where it comes from no one knows,
It strips you of your very being,
Always there, always seeing,
Causing destruction all around,
Doing all this without a sound,
Taking you away, from your way of life,
Your dignity, children and also your wife,
What is this silent monster I talk about?
What’s so quiet with no need to shout?
It’s the curse of Dementia, and all it entails,
Raising its ugly head, it never fails,
To bring such sorrow, upset and pain,
Hiding the sunshine and bringing the rain,
To a life which was once so full,
Always bright and never dull,
But heed my waning bringer of doom,
I promise you this, one day soon,
You will be beaten, over and done,
And out again will come the sun,
I promise this with all my heart,
And once again my life will start,
I will live again, just you wait and see
And never again will you hang over me…


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