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Monday, February 25, 2013

Echoing Healthy Ageing, Counselling, Mumbai.

Counselling for Dementia/Alzheimer's care: "Opportunity to talk through emotional, practical and family issues relating to Dementia. Specialist one to one counselling service for people with dementia, family members and carers.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

‎"Some serious challenges faced in real-life dementia care situations", by Swapna Kishore, 2013.

‎"Some serious challenges faced in real-life dementia care situations", By Swapna Kishore, Swapna Writes Blog, FEBRUARY 3, 2013.

"Looking around me, I find very little acknowledgement of several major problems that caregivers face. I mentioned this to a volunteer once, and was told that they could not help in these problems so why talk about “negative” things? Another person said such situations were “exceptions” (but had no data to support this perception). 

According to me, when low visibility could be driven by shame/ diffidence/ fear of being criticized or of being seen as negative, we cannot assume that the problem is rare. The problem may be common but well-hidden. Unfortunately, hidden problems don’t get attention…or solutions…

In the past I’ve tried to give visibility to real-life caregiver situations by publishing detailed interviews on my website, but I think it’s time to put together a post to acknowledge some problems that don’t get space and exposure.

Severe shortage of money,...
Lack of support from family/ friends. No one to ask for, no modality to take a break....
Family members may not be fit enough for caregiving or they may lack the aptitude...
And so…"