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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poem of Norm Mac Namara (Uk), patient affected with Early Onset of Alzheimer's Disease and sharing his feelings. (english version) (3)

On courtesy of Norm Mac Namara, 

Why Not Ask Me?

"I`m still here, I can still speak,
I`m still strong, not frail and weak,
So when you stand there in my house,
Talking in whispers, just like a mouse,
Just look this way and you will see,
I`m still here, why not ask me?
Instead of saying, oh he can wear that,
And dressing me in some daft hat,
Or making me eat food I hate,
With me, why won’t you debate?
I`m no different, can’t you see,
I`m still here, I`m still me,
All I want is to have a choice,
All I want is to use my voice. "

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