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Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Retirement complexes gain ground" from DNA Mumbai.

Published: Wednesday, Jun 9, 2010, 
By Ashish K Tiwari Mumbai,  DNA

‎"All these examples show that the idea of having retirement homes, which is a popular concept in developed countries, is catching up with corporate India, particularly real estate companies".

"parents living separately is no longer being considered a stigma. “Companies are targeting people who believe in lifestyle living. These are elderly citizens whose sons and daughters are well-settled in their personal and professional lives and are living separately (within India or overseas). These are people who are financially well-off and would want a more comfortable life with the same age group,” he said."

 ‎"particularly in post-handover care systems and facility management. “Although the real estate/ design/ financing aspects are crucial for the success of such projects, finer aspects such as access to quality and continuous healthcare, end to end convenience and support systems, activity planning and entertainment, and financial flexibility will differentiate successful companies,” said Roy."

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