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Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Role of home based patient monitoring to manage chronic diseases in Developing Countries" from the Asian Institute of Public Health.


‎"Home based patient monitoring for chronic disease management focuses on long-term health management rather than illness resolution."

‎"Not surprisingly, disease management is most effective for chronic diseases, which do not have a cure. The disease management model helps patients alter behaviors, manage their health and control symptoms by providing patient guidance and education."

"Advantages of home based patient monitoring includes:
  • Customized applications to support remote patient monitoring enabling effective in-home management of chronic diseases.
  • Provides a fully integrated health data system with analysis, reporting and alert functions. The integrated system provides alerts when health conditions decline, allowing patients, caregivers and clinicians to intervene and modify treatment plans as needed. Thus promoting patient peace of mind through early detection warnings and alerts.
  • Integrates tele-health and tele-care data to show correlations between a patient’s health and daily activity/rest patterns.
  • Supports evidence-based clinical decisions by leveraging electronic data and patient profile.
  • Reduces cost by decreased rates of emergency department and hospital services.
  • Reduces the burden on formal and informal caregivers.
However when we discuss home-based patient monitoring in context of developing countries many other factors may outweigh the possible benefits and these factors need the utmost consideration and may include:
  • Socio-economic Status
  • Educational background
  • Access and Affordability of such technology
  • Patients’ and caregivers’ efficiency in use of such technologies
  • Cost of such technologies
  • Ease of assistance by the service providers"

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