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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Generation Alzheimer's: The Defining Disease of the Baby Boomers.

A groundbreaking study released by the Alzheimer's Association

A study to bring urgently-needed attention to the risk facing the Boomers and may inform the indian population too concerned by this issue and consequences it brings to their life and society.

"This year, the first wave of baby boomers are turning 65 – and with increased age comes increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

Our new report, "Generation Alzheimer's: The Defining Disease of the Baby Boomers," sheds light on a crisis that is no longer emerging – but here.
Many baby boomers will spend their retirement years either with Alzheimer's or caring for someone who has it.

An estimated 10 million baby boomers will develop Alzheimer's.
Starting this year, more than 10,000 baby boomers a day will turn 65. As these baby boomers age, one of out of eight of them will develop Alzheimer’s – a devastating, costly, heartbreaking disease. Increasingly for these baby boomers, it will no longer be their grandparents and parents who have Alzheimer’s – it will be them".

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quality Dementia Care Framework’ : Dementia Care Giver Training workshop, MUMBAI, INDIA

First time in Mumbai unique Dementia Care Giver Training Programme.

Silver Inning Foundation in association with ARDSI Greater Mumbai Chapter & Supported by Harmony for Silvers Foundation Presents : ‘Quality Dementia Care Framework’ : Dementia Care Giver Training workshop By Mrs. Nilanjana Maulik: Expert Trainer & Director of Dementia Services, ARDSI Calcutta Chapter.


Dementia is a progressive brain dysfunction (in Latin 'dementia' means irrationality), which results in a restriction of daily activities and in most cases leads in the long term to the need for care. Dementia is one of the major causes of disability in late-life. Many diseases can result in dementia, the most common one being Alzheimer's disease. It mainly affects older people; about 2% of cases start before the age of 60 years. After this, the prevalence doubles every five years. Dementia affects each person and family differently. As dementias progress, there are notable changes in memory, thinking, language, behavior and function — all of which require different skills and strategies.

Very few of us have a natural born knack for care giving. Most caregivers have to learn and practice these new skills. It is estimated that over 3.7 million people are affected by dementia in our country. This is expected to double by 2030. The challenge posed by dementia as a health and social issue is of a scale we can no longer ignore. Despite the magnitude, there is gross ignorance, neglect and scarce services for people with dementia and their families.

The importance of taking care of elderly has become more relevant in India due to the increased lifespan and consequent increase in the population of the aged. As a result of the demographic transition and changing family structure, care of aged is emerging as concern of modern times. The support system and care giving that had been earlier available in the traditional family set up for the elderly has withered away. One of the most important components of developing dementia services in the Country is training health human resources. We at Silver Inning Foundation like other NGO’s have realize the implications of the increasing aging population in the country, and responded by creating care programmes and delivery services aimed at meeting the needs of older persons.

The Training of Care Giver for people with Dementia has evolved
with parting of knowledge and innovative ways of empowering the family members and professionals to gain skill sets that could help them in Management of Dementia. By undertaking such Geriatric care trainings we at Silver Inning Foundation will achieve our vision of creating an Elder Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and Rewarding Experience.


• To create awareness about dementia and its various types.
• To educate volunteers and caregivers to identify early warning signs of dementia and early prevention of dementia.
• To train volunteers and caregivers to disseminate knowledge about dementia to local population and Senior Citizens.
• To enhance the capacity & skills of Care givers in managing elderly with dementia.

Date: Friday 6th May to Sunday 8th May (3 Full Days)

Timing: 10am to 5.30pm

Venue : Harmony Interactive Centre ,Harmony for Silvers Foundation,5th, Floor Zaobawadi Lane, Next to Ram Mandir , Thakurdwar,Girgaum , Mumbai .Maharashtra 400002. Office- 3297-6440 / 3297-6441

Who can participate: Social Workers, Medical Professionals, Nursing Students, Family Members, Care Givers, Psychologist, Gerontologist, Geriatricians, Legal Professional, Police Professionals, Senior Citizens and Staff of NGO/Old Age Homes

• Minimum Age - 18 years and above
• Minimum education- 10th +
• Must have Passion to serve.

Language of Training: English

The methodology of training would include lecture cum discussions, case presentations, group exercises, role play and efforts would be made to make the training participatory in approach. Pre and post assessment evaluation of the participants on knowledge base would be conducted at the beginning and end of the course respectively.

Highlights of Basic Curriculum:
Definition, nature and type of Dementia, Myth and Fact, Symptoms/Identification of Dementia Patients, Role-Play, Group Work, Brain Boosters/other exercises, Documentary, Care Giver Experience etc

What you will get:

Knowledge & skill for Dementia management
• Certificate of Participation
• Free Leaflets/notes
• Books on dementia/care giving will be available at Rs.275/175/-
• Free Volunteer Membership to Silver Inning Foundation & ARDSI Greater Mumbai Chapter

Number of Participant: minimum 15 to maximum 30 (first come first basis)

How to register: Rs. 700/- p.p. non residential (inclusive of lunches, refreshments and materials).

Special rates of Rs.500/- p.p. for Senior Citizens who are age 50yrs and above .

Rs. 500/- p.p. early bird discount until 15th April 2011.

Please note there will be no refund of registration fees in event of cancellation by the participant.

Note: Last date for registration is 30th April 2011.

Please send the filled-in form along with the Chq payment to:
Silver Innings, C/o Sailesh Mishra, ARENA III, Flat - 801/802, Poonam Garden, Mira Road -East, Mumbai. India – 401107.

Contact person:
Ms. Mona - 09987104233
Ms. Laxmi Rao – 9029000091

Organized by Silver Innings, a social Enterprise for Age Care. Silver Innings is working towards creating an Elder Friendly World where Ageing becomes a Positive and Rewarding Experience.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dementia Support Group in Mumbai

The Silver Innings Dementia Support Group offers counselling, training of family members, training of professional care givers, monthly meetings, awareness campaigns, lectures, and reference service. The team members include psychiatrist, family member, clinical psychologist, nursing trainer and social worker.

Jun 29, 2009