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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Alzheimer's Disease related issues interesting the indian audience on the Net. (Karmayog group result)

Dear friend and members,

As you may know, I am also posting on the Karmayog Forum to access always more people in India concerned with the issue of Alzheimer’s Disease. Initially, I thought about making another group there but very few where contributing. So I thought about only displaying the current news regularly from the Blog and the discussion groups in the aim to inform more people and expect that someone will read.

Recently I made a review of all my posts on Karmayog and was very surprised by the figures. Indeed, though hardly anyone comment or reply, well, within 4 month, the audience of Alzheimer’s Disease in India has reached more than 6936 views for 59 posts only! I thought I would share that with you, especially by giving you an idea of the topics which raised the interest of the audience and crossed over the 100 views. 

Here are the numbers of views in growing numbers related to the preferred posts by the audience:

100:  on ARDSI chapters,
102:  Poem of Norm Mac Namara (Uk) on living with AD,
103: on Early Onset of AD,
104: on a family sharing her story with AD in Hindi,
105: on counseling places for AD in India,
106: on finding a cure for AD,
110: on Dementia Care Notes website,
111: on explaining AD,
112: on ARDSI support groups in India,
112: on caregivers interviews at Dementia Care Notes,
125: on invitation to join the discussion groups,
128: on ARDSI Pune Chapter inauguration,
137: on the presentation of the LinkedIn group,
139: on the presentation of the Facebook group,
144: on the Video on AD in Hindi,
150: on Memory Cafe(interesting as this intervention is more known in western countries),
153: on AD Pictural Education Tool,
195: on links to the Blog,
208: on Welcome Note and Privacy rules of the FB group,
279: on introduction of Hendi Lingiah,
281: on Videos of Dr Neela Patel on Geriatric Care in India today,
332: on ARDSI national conference at ARDSI Pune Chapter,
952: on invitation to share your personal testimonies.

What conclusion can we draw about these figures?

Well, briefly I would say that people there seems to be in great need of understanding Alzheimer’s Disease, they are also looking for formal support systems in their local environments and for a cure.

But above all, they seem preferably to get to know more about AD through informal support provided by families sharing their story with AD and relating how they cope with the Disease (952 views just for the topic: invitation to share your personal testimonies).

Indeed, getting to know AD through others personal comments/posts/written or verbal testimonies may enable the common people to keep some discretion about an uncomfortable and alike “shameful” family situation.

Then, the computer or TV screen or even the newspaper articles, brochures and conferences “made by others” and relating “others stories” may be the best way to access globally people concerned with this disease in India today. Unfortunately, just a few families are ready to share their story with AD, even less publicly.

So, how long this vicious circle will be lasting again?

Hendi Lingiah.
Clinical Psychologist in Gerontology. 

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