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Saturday, June 29, 2013

ARDSI has formed a new chapter in Mysore, Karnataka.

"The chapter becomes the 20th in India and the second chapter in Karnataka. ARDSI Mysore currently has thirty two members and aims to identify people with dementia as well as training medical professionals.

"According to a survey by Mysore Medical College and Research Institute in 2008, 3,000 people in Mysore were identified with dementia. The Mysore chapter of ARDSI aims to identify people suffering with dementia in the district and examine them through Mini Mental Status Examination.

ARDSI Mysore chapter co-chairman Hanumanthachar Joshi said: "The chapter also has plans to train personnel as they are the prime pillars to dementia care. Professionals like nurses, dieticians, social workers, occupational, speech and physical therapists and doctors will be trained."


1st ADI-MetLife Foundation Awards: Awards highlight global creativity in dementia care education. 

"Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India
Project Title: 
Making Cochin a Dementia-Friendly Community – An ARDSI Approach
ARDSI’s project, which aimed to raise public awareness of dementia by targeting different groups, took place throughout 2011 and 2012. Activities included awareness programmes for school children, dementia care tasters for student practitioners and skills training for care home staff. The programme received strong feedback from participants and is a good example of a model that is easily transferable to other countries."


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jagruti Rehab Dementia Care, Pune.

JAGRUTI REHAB: Dementia Care

From Dr Amar Shinde, Pune: "At Jagruti, we are having separate dementia ward with mostly patients in moderate to severe stages of dementia... we have currently 30-40 dementia patients, many of them are incontinent, violent, not eating, poor self care.... we provide persistent care, supervision & 24 hrs medical care...."

           "Dementia is a wide spread  challenging geriatric disorder associated with loss of social judgment, higher functions & forgetfulness. Which interferes with day today activities of patients & social interaction.
                We provide consistent observation & assistance to the old patients, right from their daily activities to recovering  certain physical & cognitive functions.
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                Special equipments like Fowler beds, Bed pans & pots, Walkers, Traction set, Nebulizer, ECG machine, oxygen cylinders, airways, emergency medicines,  etc. are
                  Airbeds of the Bed-ridden patients
Wound dressings, bed-sore care also available.
We provide maximum hospital care except ventilation.
Affiliation with Noble Hospital for intensive care in emergencies

All of our rooms are located in two wings of the house, making night-time supervision easy to obtain from our awake-night staff.
Each room is easily accessible to our staff so clients can signal for staff assistance.
Each room has a lovely view as well.
Accompanied walks in courtyard for old patients
Transportation to activities, medical appointments, community outings or simply a trip to the garden  is provided by our trained staff.
Family therapy includes acceptance of loved one as he/she is having dementia is very difficult.
Old spouses are often find themselves difficult as they are also old.
Frequent family visits are encouraged.
Housekeeping and Laundry : Housekeeping and laundry are included in the monthly rate.  Clients who wish to remain  independent are encouraged to participate at any level they are able.  Sometimes being able to help with household  tasks is an important way for a client to engage in day to day activity.  Bed sheets, towels and toiletries are provided."

Dementia Care | Jagruti Rehab

Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Delhi: One year P.G. Diploma course in Gerontological Counselling, 2013.

Chairperson of the Indian institute of counselling New Delhi. 

"We are a group of professionals mostly drawn from the faculty of Delhi University in the field of psychology and related discipline.
This Institute is 12 years old and a registered organization. Just over a month ago we launched the one year P.G. Diploma course in Gerontological counselling. Details of this course and about the institute are sent as an attachment. 

As of now the Diploma is offered through distance education and available only in English."

Dr. Vasantha R. Patri
Indian Institute of Counselling

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Suggestions on Creating and Assessing Elercare Facilities, training attendants. Dementia Care Notes, India.

From Swapna Kishore, Dementia Care Notes, India:

"At a personal level, I have already added my suggestions for evaluating facilities on my page here", on:  


The dementia-specific support available in India in 2010 as published in the (Source:Dementia India Report, 2010, table 4.1):
  • Residential care facilities: 6
  • Day care: 10
  • Domiciliary care services: 10
  • Support groups: exact data not available
  • Memory clinics: 100
  • Help lines: 10

Suggestions for training and using attendants here (including aspects like verification) on:


As suggestion for would-be-volunteers and organizations,
I have also placed my ideas on how to help new facilities come up, in a post here:
"Thoughts in this direction, for what I think may be a starting point:
  • Create “concept papers” that discuss possible project scopes and pros and cons of these for setting up various facilities (like home care agencies and respite care), so that wannabe entrepreneurs can decide what would interest them and then get started on preparing a project report for potential promoters, funders, banks. Make these concept papers available free of cost.

  • If such ventures (good quality agencies and respite care and so on) are not commercially viable, create models for streamlining subsidies and for supplementing these enterprises with fund-generating activities;

  • Create detailed checklists and maybe even sample plans (floor layouts, equipment specifications, nursing plans, rehabilitation plans, etc.) for all aspects that such enterprises may need, and a database of suppliers/ importers/ construction agencies that can help set up the agency/ respite care.

  • Create lists of all statutory compliances and clearances such a venture will require, and maybe some contact information for resources to know more about what each of these entail. These things vary across states, and so statewise guidance is needed.

  • Create training material that attendant-supplying agencies and respite cares can use to train their staff. Make it available (perhaps free). Maybe also conduct classes for them

  • Have a system of supervising and grading the functioning of such enterprises on a regular basis, a certification that needs renewal. Have a database of certified agencies/ respite care available publicly.

  • Have ongoing refresher courses to make sure the management and staff of such enterprises remains state of art on dementia care

  • Have surprise checks on approved agencies/ respite care and on the services they offer, and also gather customer feedback to suggest improvements/ corrections

  • Use some high-quality, well-run facilities as samples and nodal points to disseminate information on what a good agency/ respite care involves"


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Certificate course in geriatric care at Kochi, Kerala.

HelpAge India (Kerala State Office): Biju Mathew, State Head (Kerala), HelpAge India addressing students of Certificate course in geriatric care at Kochi, Kerala — in Kochi, Kerala.

A certificate course in geriatric care for six months duration which trains 30 candidates in the field of care of elderly. 

Training Programme is conducted by ARDSI (Alzheimers & Related Disorders Society of India) in collaboration with National Institute of Social Defense (NISD), Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. 

link on Facebook:

Dementia Meet for Home Nursing Agencies, 8th June 2013, Ernakulam, KERALA.

Dementia Meet for Home Nursing Agencies, ARDSI Kerala, Ernakulam:
Families affected by dementia witness heartbreaking changes in their loved ones. 

We get a lot of Helpline calls from the dementia affected families asking support of well trained Home Nurses in their dementia journey, but often we are helpless. 

Today there are hundreds of agencies in Kerala who recruit home nurses,but not sure how many of them are well trained. We often hear complaints about them, but there are two sides to everything, so too with home nurses. We need to know their part too. 

Complaints notwithstanding, with longer life spans expected with
better medical care, home nurses will have a bigger role in society in the years to come and the services that they provide cannot be undermined. If not for them, who would look after the many old people who are all alone in many homes. 

Recognizing this importance, ARDSI is organizing a Dementia Meet for all Home Nursing Agencies in and around Ernakulum on 8th June, 2013, Saturday at 10 AM to 2 PM. The meeting will discuss on various issues related to home nursing and the future steps to be taken to strengthen the home nursing services in the care of elderly with dementia. 

ARDSI is ready to give the technical support to strengthen this program. The existing and potential Home Health Care and related organizations are welcome.

Care Givers India, New Delhi.

Care Givers India: "Nurses/Attendants work would be to give bath, to feed them, to help them in toileting stuff, to give proper and timely medications, play games for mental exercise etc."

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Alzheimer's Disease in India :
Dear readers,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us on our Facebook group. I am sure the other Caregivers facing similar situations there would be very moved to see all your efforts in making your relative feel comfortable through the disease.

Indeed, each testimony is important for us because other Family Caregivers in India may find the support and relief they need, benefit of your "advises and tips" and you may even enlight their pathway.
Thank you for bringing hope by participating even if you don't have a serious issue but even just feelings/thoughts are worth to share. It is really helping us in raising awareness on this disease, bring support and knowledge for Dementia Care Management in India.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Center for Lifelong Learning admission for Diploma in Gerontology, Mumbai.

Center for Lifelong Learning Mumbai, announces admission for Diploma in Gerontology, 2013-14

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