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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

About Hendi LINGIAH on making Alzheimer's Disease in India Blog.

Here is a bit about me :

I’am a French clinical psychologist from Indo-Mauritian origins,  born in France I graduated there and got experienced in the field of elder care. Recently, I’ve been practicing in an Old Age Home and Day Care Centers for Alzheimers. 
Before, in a Gerontological Coordination Service promoted by my City’s Municipality. There, assessing the loss of autonomy of the elderly people staying at-home and organizing the care interventions  through team work (social workers, occupational therapists, General Practioners, geriatricians, neuropsychologists, nurses...) for a better quality of life in-home

Earlier, I’ve also been associated in India with a project of residential setting for people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (see article on the Blog on My experience in India: 
When I came back, I started blogging on Alzheimer's Disease in India at The Blog developed its action in spreading news on Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders in India, raise awareness among the population, bring information and guidance to the persons and families affected by this disease.

I remain connected with India through the Net through ARDSI, Silver Innings Foundation in Mumbai and HelpAge India very active NGOs dedicated to senior citizens welfare and dementia care in India. 
This way I am involved in providing consultancy on the Net to direct  concerned/interested persons to services there an/or whishing to know more about the situation of dementia care in India. 
That's also the reason why we opened a Facebook and a LinkedIn group too, allowing Pro and Familly caregivers to get together and discuss informations and "solutions" possibly implementable in India. 

Thanks to our members, we're building a strong caregivers network in/for India, where caregivers share information, their experiences and do support each others. We aim to provide an e-place where people can find informations, support and guidance in a friendly way. 

Our goal is then to support the local NGOs in their actions by raising awareness from the Net on Alzheimer's Disease in India for the yet very confidential caregiver's community there. 
We wish to contribute/participate also with the local authorities in enabling the society to face this public health issue as India by becoming an ageing country, will face/is facing a growing number of cases of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders.

As we started, the various groups are gathering members mainly from India and the USA but people interested in the specific situation of India and to share their experience are very welcome to join. 
Indeed, it is important to make the network grows to make it more informative and useful for all persons in India affected by this disease: patients and their caregivers. 

So don't hesitate to join us and support us through a donation by using the Donate Button (at the upper right side bar of this page). 

Thanks to your support we will make it.

Clinical Psychologist in Gerontology.


Richard Taylor said...

Hello, from Houston Texas. I too live with the symptoms of dementia and I too speak up and speak out every chance I get. I've just started a journal of The Voices of dementia and I welcome folks living with the symptoms to send me copy and I will publish it in the monthly journal and./or write me and sign up for the's free. check out my web site at and/or Thanks...richard taylor

Swapna Kishore said...

Hendi, a very inspiring profile indeed.

I'm thrilled to see such an active group.

As a trainer and resource person in dementia care, and a long-standing caregiver for my mother (a dementia patient), I've been blogging actively about my caregiving experience at and I also maintain a website at Sometimes, caregivers write in to share their experiences and problems, and I know how much help is needed.

I am relieved to see that you are so concerned and active and working through multiple forums, and I look forward to being an active member myself. Keep up the good work!

People for Social Cause said...

Your commitment and dedication for the cause is just inspiring . Thks for helping Silver Innings

Shree said...

Hello, I Dr. Dahake read your blogs. I am impressed towards your lookout about thecause Dementia,as a psycologist you are giving full justice to the awareness movement. Please keep it up.

Alzheimer's disease said...


This is a nice one.

Rupa said...

Dr Rupa Talukdar, As a practising counsellor I think your attempt will be very much beneficial to us and also to those who has relatives and close one suffering from dementia-Support group is in need and your blog will be a great help. Thank you.

Rupa said...

Dr Rupa Talukdar, As a practising counsellor I think your attempt will be very much beneficial to us and also to those who has relatives and close one suffering from dementia-Support group is in need and your blog will be a great help. Thank you.

deepa said...

Dr. Deepa mohan, A practicing clinical psychologist, I appreciate your efforts, but I would like to know , are there any such centres where a person with dementia is taken care of in toto,(that is, both nursing care and personal interaction). this would be extremely helpful for people who are unable to be with the patient because of their job and family related responsibilities, they may be living else where,and are not present physically with the patient. thank you