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Monday, January 16, 2012

Is India a dutiful or compassion society when it comes about Dementia Caregiving?

‎"Of Mom, and a story about dutiful worlds", by Swapna Kishore on Swapna Writes Blog, January 13, 2012.
"We suddenly realize that even sabjiwalas have parents, and so does the bai who cleans the vessels and the tuition teacher who is helping the grandchildren prepare for the CA exam. 

Even Prime Ministers, policemen, judges and telephone linesmen have elderly relatives or spouses. And we don’t want them to be so greedy as to continue a career when they could be at home holding the hands of an ailing spouse. 

We want our country led by people with better values, don’t we? Only, which house will we be living in? Even building contractors and architects have parents.

There’s a limit to how much the world can function just based on work done by orphans, you know. Or perhaps we should accept that duty comes in multiple shades, and our parents are not the only ones we have a duty towards. We have a duty towards many other things, including our chosen professions."


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