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Friday, January 6, 2012

Slideshow "Dementia and wandering: suggestions for family caregivers in India."

"Most persons with dementia wander, and this can traumatize the patient and the family. Some patients are not located for days, and some get seriously injured, even die.

This video discusses ways in which families can try to understand what needs or restlessness makes patients wander, how to reduce wandering, and also how to be prepared to get the patients home safe and fast in case they do wander.

While the video may be useful for any caregiving situation, it is designed keeping family caregivers in India in mind."

1 comment:

Swapna Kishore said...

Thank you for making this available at your blog, Hendi.

This is to let your readers know that the transcript of the video is now available for download on the video's page at Dementia Care Notes.

Swapna Kishore

Swapna Kishore