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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Arogyakeralam palliative care project in Kerala, India.

Ramachandra Panicker (MD) on Arogyakeralam palliative care project in Kerala:

"Arogyakeralam palliative care project is the initiative of the Government of kerala to offer care and management of various problems faced by terminally ill and bed-ridden patients. We are training ANM's (Auxillary Nursing and Midwifery) selected by various LSGI's (Local Self Government Institutions) and community volunteers in palliative care.

Our programme is now in place in 48 grama panchayats. Regular Home care to chronically ill and bed ridden patients were established in these panchayats. We are also planning to start 6 weeks BCCPM (6 weeks training for doctors in palliative medicine) course for doctors by in 2012. The project is monitored at Institute of Palliative medicine Kozhikode (State of Kerala). We have at present about 200 dementia patients in our registry."

- ANM: Auxillary Nursing and Midwifery : 1.5 yrs training and were registered with nursing council. These nurses were given 3 months BCCPAN (Basic Certificate Course in Palliative Auxillaty Nursing).
- LSGI's: Local Self Government Institutions-usually represents 20000 to 40000 populations.
- BCCPM: 6 weeks training for doctors in palliative medicine. (Basic Certificate Course in Pain and Palliative Medicine)". Successful completion of the course is mandatory to apply for Morphin licence.

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