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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trained Workers’ Network for Old Age Healthcare, Agewell Foundation, India.

(For Slums & JJ clusters of Delhi & NCR)

In collaboration with

(As on 21st May 2011)

"With the financial support from Ford Foundation, Agewell Foundation has initiated the Healthcare Project with the objective to create healthcare awareness Slums & Jhuggi Jhopri clusters of Delhi & NCR and empower older persons to get proper treatment/medicines for their diseases.

Older persons living in slums & Jhuggi-Jhopri clusters were encouraged to “Learn from your symptoms and seek Low Cost Medical intervention”with the basic idea of “Early diagnose of symptoms of diseases, timely consultation and medication can improve health conditions of poor older persons of slum areas considerably”.

Project was started on 1st September 2010 with a Project Coordinator, 2 teams of 6 team members and 2 team leaders and an Assistant.


1. During the period of past nine months Trained Workers Teams visited 584 slums/JJ clusters spread across Delhi & NCR and identified over 23000 families with at least one older person as family members.

2. Agewell Trained Workers Team members interacted with over 26000 older persons including approx. 12500 older women out of total 26258 older persons reportedly living in slum/Jhuggi-Jhopri clusters.

3. During the period over 22000 older persons were identified suffering from at least one disease or having symptoms of disease/s.

4. Major diseases were found as under, whose symptoms were found largely in older persons living in slums/jhuggi-jhopri clusters.

· Eye Related Diseases
· Hearing disorder
· Tuberculosis (T.B.)
· Kidney Related Diseases
· Arthritis & Osteoporosis (Weak Bones)
· Mental Illnesses /psychological problems
· Blood Pressure
· Heart Problems & Heart Attack
· Cancer
· Diabetes
· Kidney Disease
· Prostate Enlargement
· Dementia/Alzheimer's Disease

5. Over 21500 older persons were successfully assisted/helped through Agewell interventions. Out of them 6256 older persons whose health condition was found critical and are in need of constant/regular care/medical help, were also referred to Agewell Volunteers for further action."

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