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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alzheimer's Disease in India is now a Facebook and LinkedIn Group.

"Alzheimer's Disease in India and others NGOs in India are working to spread awareness. We are supporting the families and professional caregivers by providing them as many informations to access as much care as possible ; also by making it a point to raise AD and related disorders as a public health issue by the governement leading to the organization of a comprehensive "carepath" in India to face all the needs of the patients/people : medical, psycho-social, adapted daily care and activities, home care, assisted living units... AD is affecting everybody disregarding country, culture, religion ... and India as a transitional country is facing at the same time the issues of many developping countries and now the challenge of many developped countries : the rise of the ageing population and then AD and related disorders cases. "

Clinical Psychologist in Gerontology.

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