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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hindustan Times : Health check-ups via SMS, email

Health check-ups via SMS, email
Rochelle Pinto, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, May 28, 2011

"Imagine your cell phone convincing you to eat salad instead of chocolate cake for a midnight snack. As sci-fi as it sounds, that’s exactly what a new technology launched by a city-based doctor can do. Dr Ankit Khambhati calls his venture, Cheeny Kum, a technology for disease management. Integrating mobile and online services with a round-the-clock call centre, this unique system provides each member with a personal health manager, who is at your beck and call at any hour of the day.

“Your personal health manager is a nutritionist who will manage your diet, exercise and stress. We have launched two programmes- one for diabetics and the other for weight loss,” explains Khambhati, adding, “We remind our members to go to the gym for a workout, take their medicines on time, and even encourage them to avoid an unhealthy midnight snack if they call us at 2 in the morning.” One of the key selling points of the programme for diabetics is their promptness. “We remind our diabetic patients to monitor their sugar levels and send the reading back to us. If the blood sugar is dangerously high or low, we instantly inform the patient’s relatives and doctor,” he adds."


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Health check-ups via SMS, email - Hindustan Times

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