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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alzheimer's Disease in India : now a LinkedIn Group to gather care professionals in gerontology for India.

At Alzheimer's Disease in India we're trying to gather as many care professionals in gerontology, AD and related disorders for the indian society. Also, to developp the same support services and products and make them available to elders in India. That's why we opened a LinkedIn group, attached to the blog and facebook page.

The aim of this group is to encourage the discussions between the corporations and the professionals working in the field of gerontology and/or Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders on the topic of promoting their activities and quality products on the Indian market. In the end, to propose more choices to the seniors citizens and their family in India by broadcasting services and adapted products initially through the Web.

To extend the human ressources in geriatric and gerontology in all India : by providing advices and guidance to elders and their family.

The group doesn't intend to have any commercial activity and to promote any request for paiement of any kind but provide informations, tips and ideas...

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