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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Alzheimer's Disease in India discussion groups.

Alzheimer's Disease in India through the Blog choose to develop its action by spreading information on Alzheimer's Disease and related disorders in India in order to raise awareness and provide support and guidance to indian families.

The Facebook group is totally open to dialogue and comments. You can also access/get back to all the posts/articles on the related page that you can Like too.

The LinkedIn group is open to trained professional caregivers but also to family caregivers having a large experience with older people affected with AD and related disorders and aiming to share it and build new practices in their settings, discussing with differents care professional worldwide. 

People wishing to help and participate to the actions of various NGOs in India would be directed as volunteers to ARDSI and/or Silver Innings based in Mumbai and/or Helpage India.

Alzheimer's Disease in India is also on Karmayog through various posts for the same purposes. 

The groups are yet gathering members from India and the worldwide. It is important to gather more people as possible to make it more efficient.

We all know someone who knows someone who is a specialist or who's taking/has taken care of a patient in his/her family. I'd like them to know that there is a place where they can find informations and support in a friendly way.

If you know someone concerned by this issue, you may direct them to these groups.


Clinical Psychologist in Gerontology. 

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