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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Elder Abuse in India : some facts and figures, 2012. (1)

"Only 16% elderly aware of Act to protect them from abuse", Times of India, Jun 15, 2012.

..."Despite having protection under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act 2007, senior citizens like D'souza are still floundering for justice due to shoddy implementation of the legislation in Maharashtra. On occasion of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on Friday, senior citizens and organizations are campaigning for more effective implementation of the Act in the state."...

"Only 16 % of the 280 seniors interviewed in Mumbai knew of the legislation, and as few as 10 % were aware about a tribunal."

Link to article :

"Elderly suffer most due to property disputes: Study", Times of India,Jun 18, 2012.

..."Majority of elder abuse cases in Delhi are related to children pressurizing parents to write off property or other belongings in their names. But there are certain safety protocols that elders can follow. Elder care professionals suggest that while writing a will is absolutely essential it may not be a good idea to share the will or the property before the death of the parent. 

"Property related abuse is increasing. We advise that everyone should make a will. But it should be kept in safe custody and not reveal the contents to their children. Many a times a family member digs it out and then all hell breaks loose. Most children are not happy with the share they have got. So they start misbehaving," says Himanshu Rath, founder of Agewell Foundation.

The elderly can keep their wills with organizations like Agewell Foundation too, who will keep the will safe and hand it over to the beneficiaries after the demise. Or, they can keep their will in lockers or with their family lawyers. 

In many cases, parents tend to share their will verbally with the children, not foreseeing the dangerous outcome . "Once the parent has shared their will to give the child a part of the property, they usually create pressure to write it off immediately,..."

Link to article:

“1298” Senior Citizens Helpline Mumbai, report released in May 2012:


HelpAge India Report on Elder Abuse 2012 at:!/elder-abuse-in-india-helpage-india-2012-weaad

And PdF at:

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