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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

About the documentary "Alive Inside" and the benefits of Music-therapy in Alzheimer's Disease.

About the video from the documentary "Alive Inside" we discussed earlier on this group, and where we met Henry and discovered the power/effects of personalized music on Persons with Dementia, let's meet others and see how far the project is going on... "Alive Inside is the story of Dan Cohen, a small town social worker who discovers the power personalized music has to "awaken" and regenerate deeply locked memories in patients with dementia and Alzheimer's."...

Alzheimer's Disease in India:
Indeed, one knows the power of music but such work/experiment made visible to the public:
does make more people realizing that their relative is not already gone but still there, and a relationship is still possible.
observe how this music-activity revives off-neurones, memory and impaired cognitive functions.
it gives a good track to build new standardized non-pharmacological interventions in Day Care Centers for instance through "personalized music programs" in group or for individuals, as part of Music Therapy for instance.

Actually, more of such monitored-experiments based on quality of life would help us to build more various non-pharmacological therapies/programs in a higher scale, respectful of each individual and accessible to as much people as possible...meanwhile, scientists find an effective treatment....
The aim would be to try to better keep neuronal activity, memory alive and help delaying the impairment, loss of autonomy through such designed and planned activities, respective of/according to the stages of the disease, the remaining skills and in a friendly way to be more successful...Then supporting the PwD re-starting partly and more likely some of their routine by themselves...

While many families are already using music at-home, we may develop the idea to designing specific programs that include personalized music supporting thus our rehabilitation interventions, strenghtening the preservation of the daily activities and even for some persons, a daily routine. For some others, soothing the mind, alleviate anxiety, decrease behavioral disorders...stimulate memories...singing and humming together when it comes only about keeping contact.

This documentary then enlight the many potentialities we could explore in dementia care services and at-home by being more patient/person-centered and quality-of-life centered by broadening our creativity skills in addition to our knowledge. This way, we may contribute to some extent to improve the daily life of the persons affected with dementias not only by "dealing with them" but more by supporting them along their way as per our abilities.

Hendi Lingiah,
Clinical Psychologist.

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