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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Development of Elder Care and Dementia field in India, 2012.

More infos about development of Elder Care and Dementia field in India at the article: "Is this the Silver Lining we were waiting for?", Kareena N. Gianani, MidDay Paper, Sunday June 3, 2012.; pp.30-31.

- Saptasopan: "run by 21 doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists and volunteers, is spread over 10,000 sq ft. Charming cottages, all painted yellow, house a TV- computer centre to help seniors access technology- aided therapy, a playroom for games designed to aid memory and neuro- psycho- social rehabilitation, and an exercise room.", Thane. 

- Book: "Designing safer and better spaces for the Indian Elderly". G. Ray, L. Bachwal, S.P Biswas, on Residential Interior Design for The Elderly and Physically Challenged in India, IIT in Powai, Mumbai;

- Elderly- run BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), Bangalore;
- The Nightingale Trust also started its Tele Dementia treatment services, Bangalore.

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