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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Poem of a son expressing his father's feelings through Alzheimer's Disease.

"It is amazing how sometimes words come to mind to express a thought or viewpoint without warning. This little poem expresses my view of my Dad's dementia."

"My Prison Mind.

I live inside a prison,
The prison is my mind,
Where darkness slowly creeps within
And leaves no light behind.

My thoughts are ever changing,
Like storms they race around,
Not constant, ever twisting,
Connections never found.

My dreams become reality,
Possess my waking thought,
Confusing all my memories,
My life they do distort.

My essence is being eaten,
By a monster with no slayer.
And nothing can destroy it,
Not love or even prayer.

I live inside a prison,
The prison is my mind.
No windows shedding any light,
No doorway can i find.

Condemned to a life sentence,
No chance of a reprieve,
Locked away until the end,
No peace do i receive.

Release me from confinement,
Break the strangling chain,
Take me to a better place,
Take away the pain."

By Patrick Fisher - 9 August 2011, Memory People Facebook Group. 

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