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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Needs for healthcare for elderly in India, concludes study. THE HINDU, 2011.

"Special provisions needed for healthcare for elderly, concludes study". Article by AARTI DHAR, THE HINDU, NEW DELHI, December 26, 2011.

In Tamil Nadu, the most common self-reported chronic morbidities among the elderly were chronic joint pain (61.3 per cent), eye and ear problems (38.4 per cent), hypertension (20.7 per cent), diabetes (13.9 per cent), heart diseases (4.4 per cent), chronic respiratory illness (2.9 per cent), stroke (1.2 per cent) and chronic mental illness (0.6 per cent).
However, in Kerala, 71.6 per cent of the elderly had at least one of the chronic morbidities at the time of survey with hypertension topping the list (57.3 per cent), chronic joint pains ( 37.5 per cent), diabetes and ear/eye (32 per cent each), heart disease (17.1 per cent and asthma (11.4 per cent).

"Also, in Tamil Nadu, most of the chronically ill elderly (46.5 per cent) accessed government healthcare services, followed by private hospitals (31.4 per cent). Five per cent accessed health care by village-based health clinics of HelpAge programme while 15.2 per cent took no treatment and the utilisation of Indian Systems of Medicine was less than 1.5 per cent on an average.

In Kerala, surprisingly most of the elderly received treatment from private hospitals (55.8 per cent), followed by government hospitals (34.6 per cent). Five per cent had adopted Indian Systems of Medicines and 2.4 per cent did not take any treatment."

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The Hindu : News / National : Special provisions needed for healthcare for elderly, concludes study

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