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Friday, December 9, 2011

Another very interesting group on LinkedIn: "INDIA Health Progress".

"India Health Progress is a first-of-its kind initiative to provide a health policy platform for various partners who work in unison to achieve a common goal -- access to healthcare. 

IHP’s advisory board involves various groups --- public as well as private --- to raise awareness levels among all concerned. 

Despite enormous growth of the Indian economy, considerable improvement in a number of health indicators such as infant mortality and life expectancy, universal access to healthcare still remains a distant reality. According to the Economic Survey 2009-10, only 13% of the rural population has access to a primary healthcare centre, only 33% have access to a sub-centre, barely 9.6% to a hospital and just 28.3% to a dispensary or clinic. 

According to a recent report ("Innovative Solutions to Improving Health in India"), access to healthcare remains problematic in parts of India. Forty percent of the country’s primary healthcare centres are understaffed with many of them lacking the basic infrastructure. The report states that nearly 10 lakh Indians die every year due to inadequate healthcare facilities and lack of access. 

A multi-stakeholder action plan, including local and international partners, is needed to work towards reducing the disease burden and strengthen access to healthcare in India."

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