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Friday, December 16, 2011

Poem of Norm Mac Namara, patient affected with Early Onset of Alzheimer's Disease and sharing his feelings. (Uk)

Explaining Through Verse

Worry’s and concerns drifting through my mind, 
Dementia, you really are just one of a kind,
My head pulsates with a million thoughts,
Working things out, answers sought,
Frightened look within my eyes,
Open mouthed, silent cries,
Trying to remember where I am,
Trying to remember all I can,
I remember all, when I was a boy,
Clear blue skies, my favourite toy,
But ask me about yesterday,
Recent memories, yet so far away,
Soon my eyes fill with tears,
Of unknown time, missing years,
I sit and ponder about tomorrow,
With heavy heart so full of sorrow,
I only wish a cure would come,
And be salvation, just for some,
But until then, I have this curse,
Trying to explain within this verse,
My daily fight with this awful disease,
I just wish my mind would ease.

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