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Saturday, July 16, 2011

VISION AGE INDIA, a registered voluntary organisation providing services for Persons affected with Alzheimer's Disease and their families. Tamil Nadu.

Our Commitment

Vision Age India (VAI) is a registered Non Profit Organisation, working towards providing supportive services to elderly. The aim of the Organisation is to assist the elderly and families caring for elderly, in the community, to avoid insitutionalisation. VAI has been catering to medico-Psycho-Social needs of the elderly, in the city of Chennai (Madras) for the past five years. Funds for all programmes are from contributions made by Individuals and Corporate Bodies. Donations to VAI are exempted from Income Tax, under 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act.

VAI Programmes:

Public Education:

To create awareness among the general public and elderly people about the need for having an active life (physical and cognitive), awareness programmes are carried out periodically.

Medical Record Book:

To maintain a good document of the health status of elderly, a medical record book has been designed and distributed free of cost to elderly. This is found very useful in times of medical consultations and emergency.

Dementia Booklet:

As the families caring for patients with dementia, expressed the need for information on dementia, a booklet in the vernacular language (Tamil) has been prepared based on the public education material of Alzheimer's Disease International. Booklets of such kind are being prepared for other common conditions like stroke, nutrition, sexuality, disability, etc.

Community Care Programme (CCP):

CCP has been designed to provide nurse aide assistance to elderly in their activities of daily living. This programme has been found to be very efficacious as the nurse aide is able to help the elderly with their personal activities, taking them to the local Clinic or Hospital, facilitating physical exercises and taking them to places of workship and relatives house. This programme concentrates on elderly living alone during daytime.

Elder Counselling Programme:

A Clinical Social Worker makes house visits and provides counselling for the psychological problems of the elderly, conflicts and adjustmental problem in the family, affecting the elderly.

Proposed Programmes:

  • Memory Clinic and Counselling Centre
  • Elder Friendly Mobility Van
  • Respite Care Centre for Elderly with Chronic Illness
  • Hospice for patients with dementia.

Contact Address:

1 - Parjwal Apartments,
1, Zacharia Colony 2nd Street,
Choolaimedu, Chennai 600 094
Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: 091 44 372 1418

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