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Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Chai and Why?" Indian Scientific Forum at Juhu : AD and Parkinson, this August 2011.

"Chai and Why? Growing old is bad enough, who ordered senility?"

Chai and Why provides a forum for informal discussions of interesting scientific issues outside a traditional academic setting. Building on the format of the popular “Café Scientifique” in Europe and “Science Cafés” in the US, Chai and Why aims to engage people who are interested in science but generally never have the opportunity to discuss their views with, and ask questions of, someone "in the know". Chai and Why aims to be informal and accessible - much more so than a public lecture.

Public event

Time 07 August · 11:00 - 13:00

Prithvi Theatre, Juhu

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Growing old is bad enough, who ordered senility?

Prof. Sudipta Maiti

Why do we need to grow old at all? If we feed our body, give it enough rest, take care of it, why can’t it go on forever? And worse, even if we accept the body getting weak, why does the mind have to fail? Why do dreadful brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s come with old age? The answer: some of our proteins gang up and declare a mutiny. Why do they behave like that? How far are scientists from quelling this mutiny? Let’s find out.

"Chai is the indian tea ; so "chai and why" is based on the concept of Scientific café in Europe and US except that in that part of the world tea is the favorite beverage. So as there are Memory Cafés in some countries of the world someday maybe there would be a Memory Chai in India, let's hope. Each time it may starts with a small-mini conference on a health and/or science related topic, the aim of these meeting is to explain clearly, in a way understandable by many the process happening and discuss this scientific issue. For instance, one of the approached thema was : "inside a living cell". It makes science accessible for all even for non-scientific people like me ! it also gives knowledge on your own physical condition and help you in your choices while facing a health issue in your life, it seems to me".

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