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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alzheimer's Disease in India Facebook Page.

Dear members, Alzheimer’s Disease in India is a discussion group connected with ARDSI, HelpAge India, Dementia Care Notes from Bangalore, Silver Innings in Mumbai... with the aim of raising awareness on AD and Dementia Syndromes care in India. We are on the Net to build a strong care professionals and family caregivers network for/ in India. 

At our Facebook page, you may get inputs from other care professionals and family members involved in dementia syndromes care in India but also from various places in the world. Here, you can get informations on AD, on the available support groups in India and get to know more on the ressource places wherever you are located in India. Of course, the value of this group will depend on the informations you’ll feed us with.

For private counseling, requesting the disclosure of your situation you may (if you feel more comfortable with that) email me or “leave a note” at the Dementia Care Notes facebook page. To get the AD brochures provided by our members in your langage, you may send your address through their inbox and not on the facebook page. 

You may also take a look at our LinkedIn Group for care professionals. These groups are open to inputs from various places and practices as Ageing and AD are global issues. They are patients centered and family centered of course, but also, deals with the serious issue of the Public Health Care System in India, to better cope with the needs of the raising elderly population there. 

They are made to share our views, our practices, our strategies, to provide support and ideas to be discussed for possible implementations in the indian setting.

Thanks for your contributions,

Ms Hendi Lingiah.

Clinical Psychologist in gerontology.

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