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Saturday, July 23, 2011

6 month course of geriatric care at the Geriatric India Center in Kochi, state of Kerala.



KMM Academy of Health Sciences is sponsored by KMM Educational & Charitable Trust. The KMM Trust is a non-profit making non sectarian charitable institution and is headed by Prof. V.J. Pappoo, formerly Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Cochin and Calicut Universities, as the Chief Executive Trustee. The institution is on its way to implement many innovative and futuristic projects.


This is a unique course, the first of its kind in India. It is designed to meet the requirements of the personnel engaged in health care services and the needs of the increasing number of senior citizens all over the Globe. The course is carefully structured as a multidisciplinary program to suit the requirements of medical practitioners in Modern medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda,Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Alternate medicine, Nursing and other paramedical sciences who are interested to pursue a career in Geriatrics, Geriatric Care and related areas. Professional social workers are also eligible to undergo the course.


Geriatrics is that branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses due to ageing. Geriatrics being an emerging field and Geriatric services and specialized services to senior citizens in a scientific way being relatively new, there is dearth of qualified personnel in the field.

A number of new institutions for the care and protection of the elderly are likely to be established in the years to come. Therefore, Doctors, nursing staff, medical support staff and social work personnel acquiring additional qualifications in the area of Geriatric services and Gerontechnology may have better employment /self employment opportunities in India and abroad.

The medical speciality of Geriatrics began in Western countries for the medical and psychological support of the senior citizens. This specialization has been a necessity in those countries due to the social and family environment prevailing there. The modern family set up in India too warrants the increased Gerontology need of Geriatric Care as one of the most important fields of Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy and social work professions. The 6 months PG Diploma Programme is treated as "ADAPTATION PROGRAMME" in many foreign countries. 240 hrs credit is given those who have taken a Diploma in Geriatric Care.


a) Distance education program so that candidates from anywhere may be able to register for the course

b) On-line Examination in order to enable candidates residing in different places to appear for the examination with out coming to the office of the Academy at Kochi

c) Examinations are arranged every month at the Kochi centre of the academy for the benefit of those who do not prefer On Line Examination system

d) Contact classes conducted by experts at periodical intervals

Governing Body

Prof. V.J Pappoo Managing Director

Dr.Joshi Joseph Director

Mr Jojo Joseph Director

(Member of American Geriatrics Society and Geriatrics Society of India, Authorized Agency for Certification under GSCC, United Kingdom.


i Three months theoretical orientation with the help of the course materials made available by the Academy

ii Three months field work for the preparation of a project report as part fulfillment of the course.


a) MBBS or any other degree in any branch of medicine including Dentistry Ayurveda or Alternate medicine

b) A Degree in Physiotherapy

c) A Degree/ Diploma in Nursing or any other paramedical subjects

d) BSW, MSW or equivalent qualifications

e) Motivation for taking up self employment/ employment in the area of Geriatrics, geriatric Care and related areas.


Candidates having the prescribed qualifications can register for the course on any date in a year, being a distance education program offered through correspondence. The period of 6 months duration of the course will be reckoned only from the date of registration on payment of the first installment of the course fees.

Course curriculam

Theory Papers
  • Introduction to Geriatrics Care
  • Biology of Ageing
  • Geriatrics Care and Modern Medicine
  • Geriatrics Care and other branches of Medicine
  • Environment and housing for the Elderly
  • Geriatric Counseling and Guidance
  • Dietetics for Geriatrics Care
  • Rehabilitation of the Elderly
  • Agencies for the welfare of the Elderly
  • Project work

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