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Sunday, July 31, 2011

MYTHS on Alzheimer's Disease in India.

AD is a neurodegenerative disease, means it is a BRAIN DISEASE "auto-deteriorating itself" and then affecting the person's abilities in daily life. The auto-deterioration of the neuronal process starts many decades ago with small symptoms we don't pay attention to, sometimes with depression episodes too. Symptoms and deterioration get worse without following a psycho-social programme avoiding stress and combined with a behavioral and psychological disorders treatment.

There is NO DEFINITIVE CURE found yet. It is not coming from western countries only the syndrome has been identified around a century ago by a western doctor. There is NO CONTAMINATION PROCESS neither from western countries or within people in India.

There is no way, after coming from a trip in the USA or Europe, that you or your siblings come back with the disease ; it starts a long time ago and sometimes Non-Residents Indians come back in their old age to take rest and benefit from the local community living and low caregiving cost in India. Then some families notice the changes.

So EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD HAS A BRAIN so everybody could be potentialy affected by this disease, disregarding origins/nationality/culture/country/religions.


Hendi Lingiah.
Clinical Psychologist in Gerontology.

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