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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Support for Caregivers in India for patients in terminally ill condition?

“The Indian Caregiver’s Corner” :

This section is made in part, to explain theoretically the different aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease, the patients and caregivers have to face worldwide… like the impairment process, the different disorders: memory, language, organization… changes in personality and behavior…. But also, the impact of the pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions like socialization, meditation, physical exercise, the caregiver’s role and difficulties encountered in India. 

Readers are invited to enrich this section to make it an experience-based one, a resourceful section for other caregivers to find there helpful tips/ways to cope with the symptoms, the daily care activities and to face specific situations in their local setting, at home, outside, with family, doctors….


Our survey revealed a finding that inadequate support to the caregivers is the main reason for admitting a terminally ill patient to an acute care hospital. 

Majority of the caregivers and family members were fully aware of the huge cost factor and futility of the procedures done in acute care hospitals, but were of the opinion that they have no other option due to social pressures. 

We are at present involved in awareness classes on different death trajectories in chronic illnesses and concept of road to death through our NNPC's. I request my friend's opinion in this matter.

See also link: Pain and Palliative Care Policy in Kerala, India at

Testimony from a family Caregiver (India):

My opinion is that, we must create a some support group, who can be contacted by the care giver for advice any time on these kind of issues. the support group shall give enough emotional support and training to care giver to face the social pressure. In my personal experience, most pressure comes from those who are closely related to the patient, but never gets involved in caregiving. The kind of guilty feeling they try to induce on care giver is unbearable.

Alzheimer's Disease in India :
Thank you for sharing your experience with us and also on our Facebook group. I am sure the other Caregivers facing similar situations there would be very moved by seeing all your efforts in making your mother feel comfortable through the disease.
Indeed, each testimony is important for us because other Family Caregivers in India, may find there the support and relief they needed, benefit of your "advises and tips" and you may even have enlighten their pathway then.
So dear Members and Reader, thank you for bringing hope, by participating even if you don't have a "serious" problem/case but even just feelings/thoughts are worth to share. It is really helping us in raising awareness on this disease, to bring support and knowledge for Dementia Care Management in India.

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