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Monday, May 21, 2012

‎"Parents in New India... ", 2011.

‎"Parents in New India: Abused, Abandoned, Betrayed", New America Media, News Analysis, Sandip Roy, Posted: Jul 18, 2011. (excerpt)

"Elder abuse is a bit like AIDS in India. We know it’s a big problem; we’ve even heard it’s a crisis. But most of us, especially in middle class India, insist it doesn’t happen in our families."

- Oops, We Lost Grandma: ...For example, elder dumping. That’s right, take grandma from her home near Kingsway Camp in New Delhi and leave her out in Ghaziabad to fend for herself. It happens, says Matthew Cherian of HelpAge India. HelpAge had had to reunite these lost seniors with the rest of the family. But can you really “reunite” someone with the very children who dumped them in the first place?"

- Hidden in the Back Bedroom;
- Of Pashmina Shawls and Government Commissions;
- The Dis-joint Family : Most of all it’s about attitude. It’s easy to just long for some golden Ram Rajya when all elders were revered, daughter-in-law pressed mother-in-law’s feet everyday and the joint family was intact. Think again. 

“There were always older people being kicked out by their children,” says Sarah Lamb, professor of anthropology at Brandeis University and the author of White Saris and Sweet Mangoes. “It’s just that now you blame modernity and globalisation.”

- Not Your Grandmother’s India, Anymore.

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