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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Longevity centre to study living needs of senior citizens", India, 2011.

"Longevity centre to study living needs of senior citizens", 

, Times of India, oct 7, 2011.

"PUNE: In an effort to understand the housing needs of the elderly, the International Longevity Centre-India (ILC-I) is conducting a survey among senior citizens. 

The survey will be conducted among 3,000 senior citizens and the aim is to make recommendations to commercial housing builders for development of a special retirement community complex for the elderly." 

..."Changing lifestyles, rapid urbanisation and thereby nuclearisation of families is leading to a change in the living patterns of the senior citizens in India," said Raje. 
"Life expectancy too is growing annually. Urbanisation and frequent work place shifts are happening, thus leaving most of the elderly alone without children. 

Better economic prospects in the last decade have also led to senior citizens being more financially independent. 

All this often necessitates a strong focus on the often ignored issue of the living needs of senior citizens," she added." 

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