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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SAPTASOPAN: Opening of Dementia Care Center, Thane, India, 2012.

‎"SAPTASOPAN"- A COMMUNITY CENTRE FOR SENIOR CITIZENS ( Multidisciplinary) opening on 24th May 2012 at Thane, Mumbai: 1st facility of its kind by Govt Authority for geriatric mental health / Dementia Day Center. 

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Silver Inning Foundation & our Architecture Consultant Rakesh Amin are Honored to be Technical Partner. 

"State gets a silver lining", the country’s first state-run day care centre for senior citizens, which opened 10 days ago, is a good model to follow. Dhamini.Ratnam 

"Saptasopan (seven steps to care in Marathi) opened on May 24 in Thane. It is the first day care centre for senior citizens started by a state government in the country

The centre has two wings. The Thane District Planning Committee has funded the one that Vandana visits. Director of the Thane Mental Hospital and member secretary to the State Mental Health Authority, Dr Sanjay Kumavat says, the Rs 56 lakh grant was used to buy equipment such as walkers and canes —the centre has two each — gymnasium cross trainers and 20 computers, of which three are in use. The centre also has memory and learning tests and games for senior citizens to help patients of Alzheimer’s. 

Kumavat took the help of architect-consultant Rakesh Amin and Shailesh Mishra, president of Silver Innings Foundation, which works with senior citizens with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, to create a geriatricfriendly space. "...

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bhaiji said...

I am sure our group will be able to get help for the helpless AD patients in not so resourceful families in towns and villages, where their neglect , mostly by compulsion and ignorance, is seen to be believed.