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Monday, March 5, 2012

Situation of Older Women in India, Agewell Foundation Report 2012.

...."Medical problems: Due to negligence, lack of awareness, financial support and religious mindset of women, older women often have to face acute health problems. 

Since most of the older women are living within the four walls and barely come out in open public places, most of their health problems remain unnoticed. 

Their family ignores these – saying that in old age diseases are common. Older women living alone could not share their pain, since there is no one to lend her patient hearing. 

Above all, many times, due to lack of health awareness older women themselves ignore symptoms of diseases. Most of them believe more in divine powers instead of medical science. 

In India, still there are a few religious sects, that don’t allow its followers to take particular medicines.".....

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jabroon piece said...

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Most of the mature women are living within the four surfaces and hardly come out in open, most of their health issues stay undetected.