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Friday, March 23, 2012

"Memory Cafés" to be implemented in India in 2012? from an expected pledge to a reality soon?

"Memory Café model to be set up in India", Cornish GuardianFriday, March 23, 2012.


THE SUCCESS of a dementia support group in Lostwithiel (UK) has inspired an expert in Alzheimer's to set up the same centres in India. 

(What's a Memory Café) : example of Lostwithiel Memory café (UK):

Set up two years ago this month, the group meet every two weeks at the community centre in the town between 2pm and 4pm.
At 2.45pm the session splits into two and registered nurse Laura Walker spends time with those with memory loss, facilitating cognitive stimulation activities, while dementia care trainer Jo Hague provides support and a meeting place for the carers.
It has gone from strength to strength, with just two guests attending at the outset it now welcomes an average of 20 people per session.
Mrs Hague, founder, said after witnessing the Lostwithiel community model on Monday, Dr Jacob Roy, chairman of Alzheimer's Disease International, hopes to open cafés in Calcutta, Cochin and Deli with her help.
"I am going to Deli to help train people and do the workshops in six to nine months," she said.
"It will help millions over there, it is horrendous."
"This is very valuable to the person with memory loss as it benefits quality of life and thought processes but most importantly gives the person a feeling of belonging, confidence and self-worth." 
Dr Roy said: "It is so important that we continue to raise awareness of dementia. By having memory cafés people are brought together to share stories and have fun. All of this contributes to a better quality of life." 

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