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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dr Jacob Roy of ARDSI India elected as Chairman on Alzheimer's Disease International 2012.

Alzheimer's Disease International Elected Board:


Alzheimer's Disease International has a council made up of representatives from each full member association. The council meets once a year during our annual international conference.
The council elects a board of people from around the world, led by our chairman, Dr Daisy Acosta. Our president is Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, daughter of Rita Hayworth who had Alzheimer's disease. A full list of our elected board members is below.
ADI also has a medical and scientific advisory panel (known as MSAP), whose role is to provide expert advice when necessary, and also to act as international ambassadors for ADI. More details and a list of MSAP members are available.

Dr Jacob Roy

Elected board

  • Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, USA, President
  • Dr Jacob Roy, India, Chairman
  • Mrs Wendy Fleming, New Zealand, Vice Chairman
  • Mr Martin Else, UK, Treasurer
  • Prof Bengt Winblad, Sweden, Chairman of MSAP
  • Mr Dale Goldhawk, Canada
  • Ms Lynda Hogg, Scotland
  • Mr Markus Löfström, Finland
  • Ms Carolyn Popham, UK
  • Dr Yasmin Raashid, Pakistan
  • Mr Lonnie Wollin, USA
  • Dr Robert Yeoh, Australia

Honorary vice presidents

  • Mr Jerome Stone, USA
  • Mr Brian Moss, Australia
  • Dr Nori Graham, UK
  • Prof Henry Brodaty, Australia
  • Dr Daisy Acosta, Dominican Republic
Interview of Dr Jacob Roy for the Hindu Online edition of India's National Newspaper, 2011 at:

Portrait of Dr Jacob Roy:

ARDSI aims and activities:

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