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Friday, May 20, 2011

Study on Human Right of Older People, Highlight of the study.

Major Findings of the study are as under

· Lack of awareness about Human Rights of older persons is one of the major reasons of ever-increasing cases of voilation of human rights of older persons -85.9% older persons (including 72% in urban areas) had never heard about Human Rights of Older Persons.
· Popularity of nuclear/small families was found to be main reason of violation of human rights of older persons -75.5% of older persons reportedly living in inhuman conditions were living alone or from small/nuclear families & 60.54% of older persons were found living alone or in nuclear/small families.
· Voilation of Human Rights of older persons is higher in urban areas of the country in comparision to rural areas -65% older persons living in urban areas reported that they had to go through critical phase in their life or have to live in abject situations due to their old age.
· Over 23.3% older persons were found living in inhuman conditions or (in other words) facing violation of their human rights in old age.
· 12.9% older persons revealed that they are not getting proper food in old age - 3101 rural and 3343 urban elderly are not getting proper food in old age.
· Approx. every third older person in the country is not getting proper medicine/health care in old age -Only 68.8% have access to necessary medicines, health care and medical facilities
· Every second older person is not getting due respect or good treatment from his/her family member/society -48.6% eldelry (44.5% in rural areas and 54.81% in urban areas) are not being respected by their family members/ relatives and soceity.
· 47.4% older persons were discriminated because of their Age - 52.35% in urban areas and 44.1% in rural areas were humiliated or treated disrespectfully.

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