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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Information on the Blog Alzheimer's Disease in India.

Dear friends and readers,

The Blog is still non political, non religious one and no cure can be proposed to cure Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders and/or Behavioral and Psychological Disorders, no others medication, no industries are supported.

The expended audience of the blog these last days for what I've been very glad of course shows the rising interest for this topic from people in India and from abroad. Awareness has finally been raised thanks to the efforts of many NGOs working hardly everyday to bring you their help and support.

Encourage by your numerous visits, this Blog will keep approching Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders current events in India, display useful and helpful informations to elder people and their families ; also bring as many informations as we can to researchers, journalists, and every citizen concerned by this public health issue.

Thanks to you all for your constant support.

Clinical Psychologist in Gerontology.
Registered at the Indian Society of Psychology.

1 comment:

Shree said...

It is very important to increse awareness about Alzheimer as this disease does not come under emergency , does not affect young generation, old one are niglected persons in some families,and it is difficult to diagnose in early stages. This blog will creat awareness. Thanks.