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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dementia caregiving experiences shared online in India

Caregiver Swapna Kishore blogged every day for the month of January, 2011, on the topics of dementia and caregiving. The blog entries describe her personal journey as a dementia caregiver for over a decade, and share the various challenges faced in getting a diagnosis, learning caregiving skills, coping with criticism, and making adjustments to handle care for her mother, the dementia patient. She also describes her experiences as a volunteer trying to spread dementia awareness and helping caregivers through training and through her website (this website).

Voices of dementia caregivers are subdued in India, because dementia is often confused with old age, and the caregiving challenges and heartaches are not acknowledged or appreciated socially. We caregivers therefore, are unable to pool our experiences and get a sense of community support.

Here are some dementia caregiving experiences shared online in India.

A month-long blogfest on dementia and caregiving :
One year of caregiving for a bed-ridden patient
Living with Appa
A carer’s story: My mother my child
Visiting a dementia patient
Home Care or Institutionalization decisions, and caregiver guilt
Supporting a caregiver: My buddy Vana
Shraddha: Giving Up Exisiting To Care

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