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Sunday, March 2, 2014

TAMIL NADU : ""Family Caregiver Support Meeting" on March 1st 2014.

Initiative from Care3 in TAMIL NADU : ""Family Caregiver Support Meeting" on March 1st 2014.

"current and former caregivers came together for an enriching evening. Dr. M.R. Murali gave a thoughtful and animated presentation on Deconditioning in Caregivers and highlighted how important it is for Caregivers to prevent tiredness, disability, and illness as they are caring for others. 

He discussed the importance of staying as active mentally and physically as possible - both for Caregivers and their family members - and focused on quality of life.

His clear explanations and understanding of the issues faced by Caregivers and those they are caring for really hit home with everyone present. 

Our tea time was just buzzing with activity! There were a lot of new faces and our veteran attendees were engaging all in conversations and making sure positive connections were being made. 

We ended the session with a discussion on some of the challenges we face in our interactions with health care providers (doctors, hospitals, etc.) and also some of the positive experiences we have had. 

We shared tips on ways to make these interactions with the health system better. 
It was our highest attendance for any meeting yet and it is just so moving and heartening to see our group growing and more Caregivers getting connected each month. 

Thanks to Dr. Murali and all those who attended and shared their time and thoughts with us! We will be posting a video of his full presentation this week for those who were not able to attend."

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Dr. Murali is Director of Clinical Immunology from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. 

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