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Saturday, September 17, 2011

About "the need of a full-fledged geriatric managment system in India today" on “The Indian Caregiver’s Corner”.

“The Indian Caregiver’s Corner” :

This section is made to explain theoretically the different aspects of Alzheimer’s Disease, the patients and caregivers have to face worldwide… like the impairment process, the different disorders: memory, language, organization… changes in personality and behavior…. But also, the impact of the pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions like socialization, meditation, physical exercise, the caregiver’s role and difficulties encountered in India.

Readers are invited to enrich this section to make it an experience-based one, a resourceful section for other caregivers to find there helpful tips/ways to cope with the symptoms, the daily care activities and to face specific situations in their local setting, at home, outside, with family, doctors….

By Mr. Atish Baisantry, 

Founder at the Wisdom Trei in 2010 in Chennai (Tamil Nadu): "Creating a new concept in "Geriatric Wellness" in India where the seniors can enjoy harmony between Body, Mind and Soul".

 ""In India over 82 million people were above the age of 60 in 2004. Despite its young population, even India will have over 200 million above the age of 65 years by 2027. Currently in India, more than 60% of households are nuclear and 8.94% of the population is aged 60+, indicating that the aged are in greater need of support than ever.

With the current social scenario in mind, we need a full-fledged geriatric management system – wherein we need, day care centres, geriatric hospitals, education and research, doctors and long term care institutions and we need the families and the society to participate in developing such an elderly care model. 

I am not recommending that we dump our elders in an OAH, which are a thing of past anyway. But there are situations that require need for such care systems. 

Whether these services are provided by families, government, NGOs or private sector should not be the discussion point; all have a role to play. What we need to discuss and work towards is to create laws, regulatory bodies, social awareness and stringent oversight systems to ensure that we have a robust system and there are no fly-by –night operators making money out of this situation."

From our Facebook group : Alzheimer's Disease in India. Available on its Google Doc section.  

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