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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jagruti Rehab Dementia Care, Pune.

JAGRUTI REHAB: Dementia Care

From Dr Amar Shinde, Pune: "At Jagruti, we are having separate dementia ward with mostly patients in moderate to severe stages of dementia... we have currently 30-40 dementia patients, many of them are incontinent, violent, not eating, poor self care.... we provide persistent care, supervision & 24 hrs medical care...."

           "Dementia is a wide spread  challenging geriatric disorder associated with loss of social judgment, higher functions & forgetfulness. Which interferes with day today activities of patients & social interaction.
                We provide consistent observation & assistance to the old patients, right from their daily activities to recovering  certain physical & cognitive functions.
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                Special equipments like Fowler beds, Bed pans & pots, Walkers, Traction set, Nebulizer, ECG machine, oxygen cylinders, airways, emergency medicines,  etc. are
                  Airbeds of the Bed-ridden patients
Wound dressings, bed-sore care also available.
We provide maximum hospital care except ventilation.
Affiliation with Noble Hospital for intensive care in emergencies

All of our rooms are located in two wings of the house, making night-time supervision easy to obtain from our awake-night staff.
Each room is easily accessible to our staff so clients can signal for staff assistance.
Each room has a lovely view as well.
Accompanied walks in courtyard for old patients
Transportation to activities, medical appointments, community outings or simply a trip to the garden  is provided by our trained staff.
Family therapy includes acceptance of loved one as he/she is having dementia is very difficult.
Old spouses are often find themselves difficult as they are also old.
Frequent family visits are encouraged.
Housekeeping and Laundry : Housekeeping and laundry are included in the monthly rate.  Clients who wish to remain  independent are encouraged to participate at any level they are able.  Sometimes being able to help with household  tasks is an important way for a client to engage in day to day activity.  Bed sheets, towels and toiletries are provided."

Dementia Care | Jagruti Rehab

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