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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dementia Meet for Home Nursing Agencies, 8th June 2013, Ernakulam, KERALA.

Dementia Meet for Home Nursing Agencies, ARDSI Kerala, Ernakulam:
Families affected by dementia witness heartbreaking changes in their loved ones. 

We get a lot of Helpline calls from the dementia affected families asking support of well trained Home Nurses in their dementia journey, but often we are helpless. 

Today there are hundreds of agencies in Kerala who recruit home nurses,but not sure how many of them are well trained. We often hear complaints about them, but there are two sides to everything, so too with home nurses. We need to know their part too. 

Complaints notwithstanding, with longer life spans expected with
better medical care, home nurses will have a bigger role in society in the years to come and the services that they provide cannot be undermined. If not for them, who would look after the many old people who are all alone in many homes. 

Recognizing this importance, ARDSI is organizing a Dementia Meet for all Home Nursing Agencies in and around Ernakulum on 8th June, 2013, Saturday at 10 AM to 2 PM. The meeting will discuss on various issues related to home nursing and the future steps to be taken to strengthen the home nursing services in the care of elderly with dementia. 

ARDSI is ready to give the technical support to strengthen this program. The existing and potential Home Health Care and related organizations are welcome.

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