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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Introduction speech of "the National Conference on Ageing" by Mrs Kumari Selja, Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment, India 2012. (excerpt)

Excerpt of the introduction speech of "the first ever National Conference on Ageing" in India, held by the newly nominated Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment, Mrs Kumari Selja:

"National Conference on Ageing Addressing the Issues and Problems of Senior Citizens" Tuesday, November 06, 2012. 

...."In order to improve the quality of life of the older persons, the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment is implementing a flagship scheme called the Integrated Programme for Older Persons since 1992. 

This scheme seeks to provide basic amenities like shelter, food, medical care as well as entertainment opportunities to encourage productive and active ageing. 
Under the Scheme, financial assistance up to 90% is provided to Governments/Non-Governmental Organizations/Panchayati Raj Institutions/local bodies etc. 

The assistance is provided for running and maintaining Old Age Homes, 

Day Care Centres, 

Mobile Medicare Units, 

Day Care Centres for Alzheimer's disease/dementia patients, 

Physiotherapy Clinics for older persons, 

sensitization programmes for children in schools and colleges; 

Regional Resource and Training Centres, etc. 

About 350 NGOs are being supported every year for running and maintaining around 550 projects under the Scheme. 

Keeping in view the rising cost of living, the cost norms of various projects under the Scheme are under revision. 

The demand for Caregivers for Older Persons has been increasing in the recent past. To cater to this requirement, the National Institute of Social Defence (NISD) is implementing a project called the National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly. 

The main objective is to create a pool of skilled care givers, and to enhance the capabilities of service providers in the area of old age care. 

The Institute conducts One-Year Post-Graduate Diploma Courses on Integrated Geriatric Care,
Six-Months Certificate Courses on Geriatric Care and One-Month Basic Courses on Geriatric Care. 

Besides, the Institute also collaborates with reputed institutions and organizations for running short term training programmes for caregivers.".... 



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