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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Video: Satyamev Jayate, episode 11: "Old Age - Sunset Years, Sunshine Life", Aamir Khan TV show. India, 2012.

Satyamev Jayate Episode:"Aging parents and their plights are not new; the society has been witnessing these things since long, however a significant development has taken place in last couple of decades. 

Arrival of the concept of old age homes has made children shy away from their responsibilities without experiencing the moral crisis, but the question is still the same. Can any shelter be a substitute of home? [...] 

Conventional Indian society has not accepted the western concept of ‘on your own’ yet....One finds it difficult to strike a balance between the professional and personal lives, without realising that when they are going places, their parents are getting old."

"The typical Indian mindset is also responsible for it to some extent. The theory of ‘Kamaata bachchon ke liye hi toh hoon’ (I earn for my children only) causes a lot of problems. 

The children feel that they have absolute and justified right on their parents’ wealth and the atrocities start when they don’t get it normally."...


Full episode :

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